Tell me a little about 2 All Nations

2 All Nations exists to help individuals, churches, youth groups, school, and organizations “GO” into all the earth by facilitating short and long-term missions trips, internships, and full-time mission placement.


God gave Mike & Kelly Olive a burning desire to bring Jesus to the nations of the earth and introduce others to what God loves most, and 2AllNations was founded in 2005.



Vision: 2 All Nations exists to glorify God by helping missionaries to respond obediently to our Lord’s commission to witness to the good news of God’s Kingdom and make disciples of all nations.


Statement of Faith: What We Believe

  • We value faith in God and passion for God’s mission in the world.
    -We mirror the Father’s desire to reach the lost.We obey Jesus’ command to be His witnesses, proclaiming the Gospel to all peoples.
    -We depend on the Holy Spirit’s power to transform individual and community life through interaction with the triune God.
    -We recognize ourselves as one part of the Body of Christ serving with the rest of the Body in mission.
    -We are compelled by God’s call to His Church to be an agent of His Kingdom in the whole world.