So you want to go on a mission trip.  That’s awesome!  Here’s what you do:

Call us today at 561.320.1GOD or email us at to get the process started.We will guide you through the process each step of the way to the greatest God adventure and experience of your life.

Trip cost: $599 plus airfare. Teams are responsible for purchasing their own airline tickets.

For every 10 paid trip participants = 1 free ground expense for a team leader.

2 All Nations trip costs are transferable but not refundable.

Breakdown of mission costs for teams going into Jamaica

65%-70% On-field Project Costs: This covers accommodation, food, internal mission transport, advertising, and ministry costs for the mission. It also covers national admin costs and visit by 2 All Nations project staff.

30% – 35% Project costs: This covers administration costs between the 2 All Nations International Office, the host nation, and yourselves in setting up the mission. A portion of this is also invested into recruiting teams for future projects and missions. A portion also contributes to the broader organizational costs that support the overall 2 All Nations mandate of training leaders, developing church planting projects and facilitating mission teams.

Mission costs: What is not included?

Please note the mission cost does not include any flights or internal travel between the airport and host location, as the latter can vary depending on where the mission is to be held and its proximity to a suitable airport. 2 All Nations will look at the most cost effective options for this travel and discuss these with the team leader prior to the mission. Also, mission costs do not include sightseeing costs on your day off, including meals, transport and entry into tourist attractions, and any personal spending money.

Mission budget administration

The mission budget (money for on-field costs) will be sent to the field in good time before the mission. It will be administered by the host ministry who will cover all the necessary on-field costs on behalf of the team.


At 2 All Nations we love to be a blessing, but we are also encouraging the ministry in Jamaica to be self-supporting and not rely on Western handouts. This may sound a little blunt but, unfortunately, this has happened in the past with other missionary ventures and is not always helpful for the growth of the ministry or its leaders. We have no objection to teams blessing people with small gifts (financial or otherwise) or meeting any small needs as they find them. We ask that if the team sees any major needs in the church/community while on mission, and they want to help, that they make no promises to the ministry at the time, but discuss it with 2 All Nations. We can then follow this up with the ministry and team member so that the outcome is a blessing to all.